3 pisoi somnorosi

By 10:11

"three little kittens loved to play
they had fun in the sun all day
their mother came out and said
"time for kittens to go to bed"
then little kittens began to bow
"mommy,we're not tired at all"
their mother smile and said with a purr
"fine,at least you should brush your furr"
then little kittens with the furr all brushed
said we can see, we are to rushed
their mother replied with a voice like silk
"fine,but at least you should drink your milk"
three little kittens with the milk all gone
rubbed their eyes and started to yown
"we can not sleep,we can't even try"
then their mother sang a lullaby
"good night kittens,close your eyes
sleep in peace until you rise
though while you sleep,we are apart
your mommy loves you with all her heart!" "

despicable me...bed time story

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